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Sadman video and EP

Sadman Posted on Sun, March 02, 2014 11:48:07

A new Sadman video is on its way, taken from the brand new upcoming “Drama EP”. The EP itself will hold 7 tracks including “Murderer”, “Drama (video)”, “Ghost”, “9th (electroversion)”, “All of a sudden”, “Drama (D.Fernström remix)” and “Great Lord”.

The last track has also been contributed to the synth pop charity CD “Har du cancer?” (Do you have cancer) with all the money going to cancer research.

The Sadman duo is currently working on a new, 3rd album to be released later this year.

Thirteenth Exile – Into Nothing – CD

Thirteenth Exile Posted on Sun, March 02, 2014 11:28:43

Stockholm based Thirteenth Exile’s follow up album to their debut “Assorted Chaos and Broken Machinery”. The new album “Into Nothing” is a masterpiece with both dark electronics and memorable lyrics.

On the opening track “The Worm” Svegsjö takes his dark rhythms and frenetic strength in vocals at a new level. On “Life Eraser” the vocals get even more brutal and the frustration becomes real. “My Legacy” follows with a slower beat just to get back on agony level with up-tempo classic “Pain Receiver”. In “A Perfect World” cinematic hypnotized arranged bombastic soundscapes are accomponied with vocals crying for help.

Thirteenth Exile also pays a tribute to one of their favourite acts; Portishead with the excellent cover version of “Wandering Star”. With monolithic details and massive beats – the album “Into Nothing” is nothing but pure electronic love.